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Hi, I'm 43 I was on my way to a meeting last one you had! It was a dark night I saw a gas station and a bar on the corner! The whole way I was telling myself I shouldn't go! I'm new everyone already has there stories and friends! I felt like I had nothing to share! I have never been on a hunt all I have done is experimented lightly and I only have a basic detector the coin master it's 10 years old the maroon one! And the Garrett pin pointer! I don't have the new gadgets! I don't know where to go detecting! Yada yada! I'm a single guy! My question was I in the right area the gas station and then the bar at the corner? And second question! Is it ok if I attend a meeting even though I have no experience and I have no real knowledge of the hobby! I know I'm sounding like a little kid! But am I encouraged to come to a meeting I'm looking for a fun activity and I don't care what I find as far as detecting is concerned! I'm just curious and I put the address in my gps and basically found apartment buildings and gas station and little bar on the street! But chickened out and went home! I couldn't find the eagle hall!! Thanks Eddie

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Come to the next meeting.  We are all about meeting new people who have a passion for detecting.  Don't worry about not finding anything yet.  That will come.  Google map it and you'll find it.
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Boy, I know how ya feel.  I have issues with leaving the house and being around people, which is why I have my dog with me at all times, etc.  And which is why I'm beginning to metal detect.  I'm sure everyone in the club is very friendly and helpful.  I would imagine you might even be able to try out other metal detectors.  If you manage to go to the next one, I'd love to hear how it went. 
Just want to have fun detecting
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