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Im wondering if any one els has seen foundations like thes. I live in french lake annandale mn and have 7-10 different foundations dont know age and wondering when thes were used around. Ive taking lots of pictures of the main and first in a line of other similar and lots of pictures of the other foudations and retaining walls but all pictures are to big to poat into this but if u email me i will send you them. Ive found thousands of nails all over but have also found old tools and weels and lots and lots for horce related harness. A few shot gun brass and just found a antique toy gun handle ile be posting about gun later to see if anyone els has seen one like it.

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From the thirties to the fifties a lot of people moved off the land in MN. I'm guessing that's the age of what you're finding. I am surprised you hadn't found coins. Go back and search the north side of trees and stumps or anywhere they hung the cloths to dry. Good Luck.
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