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We were going to go wade and scuba at Big Island.  We had our tanks filled and plans made, when I got a call at around 8:00 pm the Friday night before.

A lady who was attending a houseboat bachelorette party on an island in the middle if the St. Croix river had lost her expensive wedding and engagement rings (welded together) while wading and playing catch with a football in waste deep water.

I called one of the guys (the boat owner) to let him know about the situation, and he said 'let's do it'.  So I messaged the rest of the guys and told them that we had changed our plans.

When we got to the island, there was a big commercial house boat docked there and a bunch of ladies standing on the shore waiting for us to find the ring. They knew approximately where the ring was lost, and had marked it with a tree branch.

It took about 20 minutes to find the ring and it was one of our club members who ended up pulling it out and getting a nice big hug from the happy lady who lost it.

Can you spot the GSTH club members in the picture?  And who do you think found the ring?


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Ooh I know this one
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