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Hi all.  I'm hoping to acquire my first detector soon, and I'm seeing if others might know some Minnesota specific rules.

I enjoy bridges, and often find myself exploring areas along roads, including abandoned road beds, along highways, and sometimes areas under modern highway bridges.  I have no idea if you'd ever find anything more than old concrete or garbage in those places, but I'd sure like to try.  I can't find specific rules about metal detecting in these areas, though.  If its a MNDOT road, then technically the land is State property, but is usually dedicated as right-of-way.  So its somewhat different than park land owned by the DNR, for example.  Its nearly all disturbed land (has been dug up in the past) so there are no issues with disturbing archaeological or historical artifacts.  Is there potential for trouble if I went detecting in these areas?  I'm not looking to find anything valuable... but I love engineering and transportation history and think it could be interesting.

Next question; outside of jurisdictional rules, are there rules about metal detecting along river banks?  Say along the Minnesota or Mississippi rivers?  

Thanks for any advice you might have.  If there is anybody who already hunts in places like this, I'd love to tag along sometime!

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I think we all go along shorelines, private property excluded. I've never had much luck along roadways unless you count adding aluminum to the scrap-metal pile. My one exception there was a nice scuffed-up .925 silver bracelet I found in a crossroads while biking, but that was a sight find (no detector). You worry too much; just don't break a leg in the wilds.
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